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Download the package of ALL Thrive Plugins for free

ALL Thrive Pack Plugins Download for free – Thriving | Download the package of ALL Thrive plugins it was built from scratch so that your entire site will turn more of your visitors into subscribers, customers and customers!

Create and customize your WordPress website with lightning speed

A visual theme builder for the next generation of WordPress. Create, modify and configure each component of your WordPress site in the WYSIWYG form.

Intuitive drag and drop editor for WordPress

The fastest and most intuitive visual editor for WordPress is Thrive Architect. Easily create drag-and-drop layouts, add buttons, complex content, and much more…

Create your mailing list faster

Freely create and create any registration forms, perform A/B testing and expand your list faster than ever.

Increase website engagement with quizzes

Creates fully custom-designed quizzes to get useful information for our visitors, create a segmented email list, encourage participation in the website and create tones.

Other Functions

Create professional online courses

Create professional courses directly from your WordPress dashboard. By creating free online courses like Lead Magnets, or using your subscription plugin, you can help your subscribers by creating premium courses that easily integrate with the rest of your internet.

Make commenting fun and engaging

You will get the opportunity from Thrive comments to stimulate faster feedback and improve your participation in various new features, such as uploading and lowering votes.

A / B testing of landing pages

We have taken on all the agony, complications and high costs from A/B tests with the help of Thrive Optimize. This is an A/B testing tool that you will actually use on all important pages to increase conversions.

Creating Evergreen Countdown Campaigns

The ideal marketing tool for WordPress is Thrive Ultimatum. Improve your conversions with countdown timers, complete evergreen and more challenging deficit campaigns.

Collect and show reviews for social proof

You can record and show autopilot reviews using Thrive Ovation. This is the easiest way to start with one of the lowest conversion accelerators.

This package includes the following versions:

  • Quiz Constructor Thrive v2. 3. 4. 1
  • Visual Editor / Architect Thrive v2. 6. 2. 1
  • Thrive Smart Widgets v1. 56. 1
  • Thrive Optimize Plugin v1. 4. 8
  • Thrive Apprentice plugin v2.3. 4. 1
  • Thrive Comments plugin v1. 4. 10
  • Thrive Header Optimizer v1. 3. 4
  • Prosperity Leads v2. 3. 4. 1
  • Flourishing Ovation v2. 3. 9
  • Ultimatum of Prosperity v2. 3. 4. 1
  • Thrive v. 1.2.4 Product Manager

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