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Download Free WP Quiz – Premium WordPress Plugin To Add Responsive And Modern Quizzes! version 2.1.8

WP Quiz – Premium Plugin for WordPress Free Download 2.1.8 – Myth Store | WP Quiz v2.1.8 Is A Premium WordPress Plugin For Adding Responsive And Modern Quizzes This is the #1 WordPress quiz plugin for creating powerful and beautiful quizzes. This can increase the engagement of any website or blog by keeping your users chained to the page.

What Can You Do With WP Quiz?

Create interactive quizzes that people love to take and that they share with their friends. This is the perfect way to become popular in 2019 and beyond.

Increase Viral Traffic

Quizzes have established themselves as a source of unlimited viral traffic. Take advantage of this traffic by creating your own test.

Collect PRO Email Addresses

Ask users to make a choice before starting the test or before receiving the test results. You’ll have a huge list of email addresses before you know it.

Increase user engagement

Attract visitors to your site and increase the bounce rate by attracting users to your pages.

Reduce the bounce rate

Users who take the test usually stay on your site until the test is completed. This helps to significantly reduce the bounce rate.

Create Trivia Quizzes

Create trivia quizzes that will make your visitors scratch their heads and try to get the right answer in one attempt.

Take Online Exams PRO

With WP Quiz, it’s not just fun. You can even use the plugin to create professional-level exam papers.

Create Personality Tests

Allow users to determine what type of personality they have by conducting a unique individual quiz on your site.

Conduct surveys about

Turn the quiz into a survey by asking visitors to vote for one or another option and take part in your survey.

Create a Fun Quiz Site on Facebook PRO

Turn Facebook’s website into a full-fledged quiz site using Facebook’s unique quiz option.

Creating an Interactive Message List PRO

Create a test with a list on which users can vote up and down to move parameters within the test.

Increasing the number of PRO subscribers

Get more subscribers by asking them to provide their email ID before the test starts or before they can see the test results.

The main Premium features

Earn More

Earn money by showing ads between questions, before results, or by enabling the page reload feature to increase the number of ad views.

All The Features You Could Wish For

WP Quiz is the number one WordPress plugin for creating powerful and beautiful quizzes. This can increase the engagement of any website or blog by keeping your users chained to the page.

Trivia Quiz Type

Pamper your audience with fun trivia quizzes on strange topics.

Type of Personality Quiz

Let people know what type of people they belong to by asking them personality-related questions.

Type of Quiz Swiper

Ideal for comparing two people, objects or images with each other.

Type of Facebook Quiz

Make your test viral by getting users to share it on Facebook before you post their results.

Type of Flip Quiz

Create an exciting flip test that will allow users to view images/parameters and score points.

The List Of Quiz Types Is New

Provide users with the ability to move the question up or down, giving them the ability to raise/lower a certain parameter.

Advanced quiz statistics

Get important data about how your tests are going on your website.

Advanced statistics about players

Get important data about the players passing the tests on your website.

Favorable for development

Are you familiar with coding? You have endless possibilities of what you can achieve with WP Quiz.

Works with any theme

This plugin, written using the latest WordPress standards, works with all WordPress themes.

Easy-to-use interface

The intuitive user interface helps you easily navigate through parameters and change settings on the fly.

Additional Parameters Panel

Easily change all the settings and customize the WP test according to your wishes.

Fully Responsive

Works with desktop computers, works with tablets and works with mobile phones. Works with all screens because it is 100% responsive.

“Pay for the game” option

Ask for payment to report the results. Earn money to show players the results of the quiz.

Supports Stripe and PayPal

WP Quiz supports PayPal as well as Stripe for accepting payments from players.

Currency selection option

Choose from the list of supported currencies depending on the location of your audience.

Ask for Player information before starting the game

Get key data from your players before they start playing. You can use this data later for marketing.

Log in/Register to see the results

Ask users to create an account and log in to their account before they see the test results.

Subscribe to see the results

Ask users to enter their name and email address before they can see the test results.

Share on Facebook to see the result

Make your test viral by asking users to share it on Facebook before they can see their results.

Send results to the user’s email address

WP Quiz allows you to collect the user’s email ID and then send the test results to this user by email.

Comes with traditional and modern leather

Express your style by choosing between traditional or modern leather.

AWeber Integration

Integrates with AWeber so that your email addresses are sent directly to your AWeber list.

MailChimp Integration

It integrates closely with MailChimp and allows you to add subscribers to your MailChimp list.

Integration with GetResponse

Register your users in your GetResponse mailing list. WP Quiz also integrates with GetResponse.

Show leads in the backend

Check your interests and see how many people have subscribed to your list using your surveys.

Show Ads Between Questions

Earn money from advertising by showing ads between questions in your tests.

The ability to change colors

Choose from a wide range of colors to make your quizzes stand out or blend in with your site.



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