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Download Tailkit for free – Create cutting-edge dashboards and websites in minutes v1.5.0

Tailkit – Design of cutting-edge information panels and websites in minutes Download for free 1.5.0 – Tail kit | Tailkit v1.5.0 – Create cutting-edge dashboards and websites in minutes These are well-designed and easily modifiable highly sensitive and responsive user interface components for developing your projects based on CSS 3 tailwind. Created with pixelcave’s passion to help web developers as well as web agencies and digital nomads.

Great design in neat HTML snippets. Well-coded and tested. They can be used to develop the user interface of your website without abandoning your HTML. It works on any JavaScript platform or any technology you use.

Premium features

Library of User interface components

We have carefully developed a large selection of user interface components for any kind of web applications and websites. We are constantly evolving and adding new elements with each update.

Web Application

You will be thrilled to work with the Tailkit web application! This is a Vue compilation.A js application that can be opened directly in your browser and used to study and copy user interface components.

Auxiliary tools

Copy and search for SVG icons, create your own button layout, or copy your preferred colors with easy-to-use tools that expand your capabilities.

Starter Kits

We have created kits that will help you reach the top in your new project. Simple HTML Laravel, Vue.js, React and Angular based kits that include CSS Tailwind and Tailkit already configured.

Framework Agnostic

Each part contains a fragment of HTML code that you can copy and paste into your code, and then modify according to your requirements. They work with any JS or any other framework you use.

Fully Responsive

They are designed to work in a variety of sizes, such as mobile devices, desktop computers and tablets. Their design can be adjusted depending on the gadget you are using, and you can check them earlier.

Alpine.js Fragments

Some components may require some JavaScript to work. We have examples of pure HTML with embedded comments indicating which classes can be switched using JS, however we also provide functional Alpine.js as well as variations.

Interactive Auxiliary Tools

Create faster and more efficiently with our ever-growing range of interactive tools. Easily create your own buttons or find and then copy your favorite SVG icons or color classes.

SVG Icon Library

There are hundreds of connected SVG icons, and copy their markup with just one click. Copy the icons into the HTML code, and then customize even more with CSS classes.

Color palette

Visually check the color palette and copy the colors for text or background colors with just one click. Very useful when finding the right color for your design.

Button Constructor

In just a few clicks, you can easily duplicate any of the button styles, instantly generate their HTML code and copy it with one click. It’s as simple as possible.

Marketing and Application Templates

Now you can also download the web templates included in the package. Expertly designed and based on the components of the Tailkit user interface, these templates are a fantastic starting point in your next venture. There are two different versions developed for Laravel and Vue.js projects based on Vue.js .



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