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Download Flat Manga for free – Create your own PHP script for a manga reading site

Flat Manga – Create your own website for reading manga PHP Script Download for free – Codec Canyon | Flat Manga – Create your own PHP script for a manga reading site offers you an easy and fast way to create manga sites like mangafox and mangareader. It is built with a lot of features needed to create a basic flat manga, and many more features for more advanced ones. Flat Manga also offers an easy and fast way to personalize your website without having to edit the sources.

General Specific Features

  • It is easy to configure, just enter a little information and in a few clicks, and your site will work.
  • Professional and Powerful Admin Pages Flat manga has professional and well-designed admin pages that ensure that site administrators can quickly handle everything (manga chapters, manga as well as chapters).
  • Stable, lightweight lightweight and reliable flat design with a powerful and flexible H0 frame. The framework also has extensive internal caching systems and an optimized SQL implementation, which makes it light in weight.
  • The design system template system, modern with default bootstrap, makes the flat manga modern, updated and flexible. Additional templates are available here.
  • The localization system allows you to simply translate your website into different languages using just one file.
  • Dynamic content and widgets are flexible and you can customize your website according to your personal design using html to make your website more flexible and distinctive.
  • The manga’s flat interface is informative, has an excellent layout and a user-friendly interface. You can also use tooltips as well as pop-ups added to the list to provide more detailed information.
  • Standalone flat manga works as a standalone application, however, using the H0 framework, you can transfer flat manga and other manga with the same
  • Frameworks such as forums and support boards, etc.
  • Flexible manga chapter breakdown supports non-numeric manga sections, so you can have chapters like “Extra 01”, “Extra 02?“, “Special 01?” etc.
  • Friendly search engines (optimized for SEO) This application uses a friendly slug for a friendly URL, this slug also affects multiple languages, the English URL manga-something.html in Vietnamese, it’s like this: doc-truyen-something.html . He is very active. You can also change your meta description, page titles, and search terms for the manga page chapter page.
  • Clean flat code is well written and uses a good programming structure to make it durable and stable. It has several levels for managing the basic process, themes, modules/add-ons on system pages, widgets and pages
    Main Features
  • Latest manga updates and latest chapters for the homepage, which includes AJAX ratings for each chapter. as well as statistics of views and the date they were added.
  • A manga list page that lists all the manga available in the database, with a built-in cache for fast processing and guidance of information to provide useful and useful
  • Information about the manga preview is displayed when you hover the cursor over the thumbnail of the model.
  • The multiple reading type is used to display the contents of a chapter page by page with simple navigation. There are three options for reading manga chapters, which include reading multiple pages, reading one page, and multiple touch-sensitive pages (cool touch device). Reading multiple pages will create an entire page for images of each chapter. The one-page reading option will offer one page for each chapter. It is easy to switch the reading mode from multiple pages to one page and vice versa. You can also disable the reading function on the dashboard.
  • Manga Search is an application that provides the user with a search box with auto-fill/auto-suggestion functions
  • Manga of the Week is a widget for displaying the most popular manga of the past week.
  • Manga list widget for counting manga series (most popular, recently updated or added, with the latest rating) according to widget configurations
    Widget for the list of chapters
  • Manga Statistics is an application that displays complete and accurate manga statistics.
  • 3 Types of comments allow users to post comments on their preferred social networks, while administrators can also allow or disable comment types.
  • The built-in information about the manga appears when the mouse cursor hovers over the name of the manga
    A system for intensive caching
  • Multilingualism – You can add your own language and translate easily. There are two default languages: Vietnamese and English
  • Notification
  • Membership Module

User registration

  • Register with activation or not (ADMINISTRATOR configuration)
  • User Login
  • Ajax login for the user
  • Recovery of a password forgotten by the user
  • Information about changing the user, avatar
  • Users who work independently understand that this is crucial for the latest integrated applications.
  • The manga was sent by a participant. The head and the head, the ADMINISTRATOR will either accept or refuse


  • Add/edit/Delete/Search/list of users
  • Add/Edit/Delete/Search/Manga list
  • Add/edit/delete/Search/list chapters
  • Adding/editing/deleting/searching/list of translation groups
  • Configuration system. This allows you to change the configuration of your site and application, as well as the type of comment, localization, and so on.


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